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Coming Together Through Music

Meet Mei Lin!

Mei Lin started performing at small recitals through the music studio she attended, along with a few piano openings and interludes at choir concerts, introductions for charity concerts and busking on local streets. She attended and performed at UW Whitewater's Summer Piano Camp (studied under Dr. Chung) and Juilliard's Winter Festival (studied under Dr. Holden), and attended Juilliard's Summer Performing Artists Workshop. She competed in the Wisconsin Music Teachers Association (WMTA) for five years in a row. Alongside piano, Mei Lin has studied music theory from a young age, but more recently enrolled in AP Music Theory. She was enrolled in an Ear Training course through Juilliard's Evening Division (studied under Dr. Ott) to continue developing her auditory and theory skills. Mei Lin regularly studies under Dr. Vivian Chang-Freiheit.

Mei Lin was born and adopted from China. She has grown up loving music and wildlife in the small cities of Wisconsin. Although she always loved listening to/making music as a baby, her musical journey really began when she started voice lessons at age seven along with a little basic piano. Mei Lin transferred from voice lessons to piano around eight years old and has been playing ever since. She has also been part of her school’s choir program for five consecutive years.

When Mei Lin isn’t listening to or playing music, she loves being outdoors. She has volunteered at the local Wildlife In Need Center (WINC) to feed baby birds over the summer, donated money and resources to pets/animal shelters, went on a polar bear expedition in Canada, and has attended many job shadows/workshops that involve learning about and handling animals. Although Mei Lin doesn’t have any human siblings, she has a westie dog named Max whom she always loves playing with. She also enjoys talking with friends and learning Chinese in her free time.


Live opening performance at a charity gala.

Busking last summer at a local market.

Playing a street piano I found.

Good practice makes perfect!

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