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Develop A Love For Music

Piano Lessons For All Ages

Music is for Everyone

Why learn an instrument?

Music comes in many different genres and styles, and each song/piece conveys a different emotion. Learning an instrument can help you connect with music on a deeper level and you can even learn new things about yourself. Learning piano from an early age can allow the brain to form connections improving math, language, memory and attentive skills.


Am I too old/too young to begin learning an instrument?

Nope! Anyone can start learning a new skill at any age as long as they have the motivation and perseverance to tackle challenges--and have fun along the way! Building a strong foundation initially will set you up for success in the future.

Why is practicing important?

There's a saying that goes, "the only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you've come." Oftentimes, musicians I know don't realize the immense amount of progress they've made in just a few, short years because they're so focussed on perfecting small details and improving their craft. A teacher once told me, "practicing is teaching ourselves a new skill." I had never realized all of that time and effort I've spent with myself and my instrument was actually me teaching myself a new skill. A teacher is only as good as their student(s), so it's the student's job to learn by making mistakes, revising and adding their own creative elements by practicing.


Schedule Lessons to Develop A Love for Music

Choose from our introductory class to our value packages in piano, and music theory!

Mei Lin!

Mei Lin has been a classically trained pianist for over eight years. She has studied music theory alongside piano for several years and she's currently enrolled in her high school's Varsity Choir. Mei Lin continues to learn about music through various workshops and she's excited to pass her love of music to new students!

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